How to contact an Angel Investor/VC?

As investors, we are approached by many people asking for money. VCs usually receive thousands of pitch decks per year, angel investors at least a couple of hundreds. However, on average VCs and angels are investing in not more than five to ten startups each year.

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The Future of the ICO Market

By now more than 1,700 startups have raised about $4 billion by doing an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Here are my thoughts on the future of the ICO market.

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USA vs. Deutschland: Kulturelle Unterschiede zwischen US-amerikanischen und deutschen Startups

Jeder Business Angel, der in deutsche Startups investiert, blickt wohl immer mit einem Auge nach Amerika: Die USA und vor allem das Silicon Valley gelten im Bereich High-Tech/IT weltweit als...

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