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5 Rules for Email Introductions

5 Rules for Email Introductions

As a startup investor, I’m getting many email introductions: person A (I do know) introducing me (C) to person B (I don’t know yet). Here are five simple rules for email introductions.


(1) Double Opt-In

Always ask both people if they do want to be introduced BEFORE you do the introduction. Never do a cold intro. Everyone has already too many items on his to-do list. Make sure that your intro is welcome and appreciated!

(2) Subject Line

Put the first name, last name and the company name of both people in the subject line. In an overflowing inbox one-word subject lines like “intro” or “connect” aren’t helpful.

(3) Recommend the Next Step

Provide some background WHY you’re making the connection, and what potential value you see coming out of it and recommend what should happen next, e.g. “I’d suggest that Peter is going to email you the latest pitch-deck.”

(4) CC/BCC the Introducer

When replying to an intro you should always CC the introducer to let him/her know that you’re moving it forward. The introducer should then be moved to BCC.

(5) Say Thank You

If there’s a positive outcome of the intro, i.e. an investment is made, a business partnership starts or a new friendship is initiated don't forget to say THANK YOU to the introducer (no one does this!).



Oct 24, 2018 by Florian Huber